Along the Garden Path – March 9

What’s in the garden centers, nurseries and local plant places this week:

Fitness Tree Service  – 6411 Carolina Beach Rd.Wilmington, NC

Fitness Tree Service  is now offering a wide selection of ornamental shrubs in addition to their magnificent Palms.  The magnolia and cherries are beginning to bloom, there were some azaleas and of course, the palms.

Beautiful, big, healthy, gorgeous plants for every landscape. If you are looking for sod, they sell it by the piece, the roll or the pallet. Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia for any lawn area you might be installing or repairing. Their prices are great and include installation! Can’t beat that! Prices run from $115-$180/pallet, $1.50-$1.75/piece and $4.50-$5.50/roll and that’s the installed price!

Along with the sod and incredible Palms, you can find ornamental shrubs/plants in 1, 2, 3, & 5 gallon pots ranging in price from $6.00 to $30.00 depending on variety and size of the plant.

Trees are in pots or balled and burlaped ready for planting. There were Ligustrum, Liriope, Dianella, Loropetalum, Magnolia, Oleander and of course, beautiful Azeala ready for planting. On a recent sparkling day, the pink and lavendar blossoms of the Cherry trees were just cracking open.

Fitness Tree Service began with Palms and they are ready for your garden landscape in every size. Tall trees are pruned and ready for growth, standing in a line at Fitness Tree Service, they welcome the heat of the summer and remind you of the tropics.

The shorter stout Windmills and Sabols will offer a windbreak and a lovely fence of privacy wherever needed.

Set out in a mass, on display, they give the grounds an airy appearance as they dance on the slightest breeze.

There are bridges, statuary, swings by Coastal Design, gazebos and metal tree sculptures to add to the garden. Displayed among the plants and trees, the garden accents give living examples of how to coordinate hardscape with the plant material.

Although we are now thinking of plant material and landscaping, there is a long row of firewood along the fence that is offered throughout the winter and would be ideal for that beach bonfire you have in mind.

Fitness Tree Service has begun to offer options to buying at bulk box stores up the road. Although annuals and perennials are limited to groundcovers and accents, the plan to introduce flowering shrubs and vines such as Hibiscus and Mandevilla will fill the need for vibrant color in your garden.

Currently, Fitness Tree Service is the only option for ornamental plants and trees near Pleasure Island. They more than adequately fill the gap left when Lou’s Flower World relocated to Oleander Drive.  Stop by! Hours of operation are weekdays 7-5 and by appointment. Driving toward the beach, you will be reminded of the great plants at Fitness Tree Service. 910-343-8016.

Next up is The Transplanted Garden (again), Lou’s Flower World, The Stone Garden, Marshall’s Garden, The Plant Place and alternatives: growing your own, greenhouses nearby and building living walls.




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